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It is Writtten
Restores confidence in God's word and effectiveness in Christian living

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About 30 years ago, the evangelical church was led away from the sufficiency of scripture and into a mystical mindset and practice for seeking for God's will, leaving them without ever knowing if they had found it. This book was written in the hope of providing confidence, assurance, and comfort to Christians, and removing the uncertainty that has been introduced into prayer, decision-making, evangelism, and other areas of the Christian faith and practice.

God's will is knowable because "it is written."
A call to return to trusting fully in God's sufficient word, "God's Will" describes and explains the foundational expectations of God for the church, using abundant scripture references. "God's Will" promotes the sound and trustworthy tenets of Christianity which provide the basis for confident, joyful liberty in Christ, and productivity as a member of His body.
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