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For decades, "spiritual warfare" and "deliverance" books and ministries have flooded the churches with materials promoting methods taken from Jesus' signs and wonders ministry. These miracles were kingdom signs, used by Christ and his apostles to prove who He was. They foreshadowed the kingdom and the rule of the king, a time when there will be no sickness or hunger, and Satan will be bound in a pit.

Members of the church are born again, indwelt by God, and sealed with the Holy Spirit. Christianity is a body of doctrine which teaches the church about its unique status, abilities, and expectations. One of these is the ability and expectation to live free from the dominion of fleshly sin. Although the law of sin continues to dwell within the members of the human body, every saint has been made free from its power. Each Christian is to reckon himself dead to the law of sin, because God says that he is. In the mind of God, the saint died on the cross with Christ, and was buried and resurrected with Him, enabling him to walk in "newness of life."

Describing the operation of the law of sin, how using laws and rules bypass the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, and how the saints have been equipped to walk free from sin, "Spiritual Warfare According to Grace" enables the spiritual man to recognize the character of the flesh and resist temptation when it appears. Sin does not consist only of wickedness. Sin is everything that falls short of the glory of God. Carnality is not only found in drunkenness or murder. Relationships can be damaged with seemingly small things, such as a cutting word or an unkind tone of voice.  Health can be ruined with the finest cooking when there is over-indulgence. Budgets can be blown with tiny purchases.
But we are already free! We only need to learn it and use it.

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