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The Essentials of Christian Spirituality

"Plugging in" to the POWER of grace, through faith in God's word

BEARING FRUIT OR LIVING BARREN answers the question above by answering questions like these:

What is being filled? Being led? Grieving the Spirit? Quenching the Spirit?

If an unsaved person can do the same good works that I can do, then what is spiritual fruit?

Many Christians have heard of the doctrines listed above, but they are not clear regarding their meaning or implementation. Furthermore, as ministers themselves, the authors suspect that the so-called "80/20 rule" can be partially explained by Christians operating in their own power rather than learning to walk by the power of the Holy Spirit. Christians are called to not become weary in well-doing, but feeling wearied is what often results when dedicated believers face the opposition of the world and the devil day in and day out, as well as complacency among many in their own congregation. BEARING FRUIT OR LIVING BARREN defines and explains the doctrines of Christian spirituality in the clear and concise manner typical of other Sufficient Word publications. It is loaded with fully quoted scriptural references to enable the reader to learn as a "Berean." 

Beginning by explaining the distinctions between the natural man, the spiritual man, and the carnal man, BEARING FRUIT OR LIVING BARREN teaches the reader how to recognize his own spiritual condition and to rightly adjust himself to the Holy Spirit. The reader learns what spirituality is and is not, what the Christian mindset is to be and how the power of the Holy Spirit is accessed by faith. Learning about the character of spiritual fruit facilitates ongoing discernment regarding one's spiritual condition so that the Christian can walk more consistently as a spiritual man and mature in the faith. Readers have been contacting the authors and reporting that this book has been "life-changing" and that nothing that they have ever read or been taught has had the impact that this book has had in making Bible doctrine practical for them. It is an introduction to tapping into the never-failing power of God's grace, delivering its readers from the wearying "do more/try harder" method of Christian good works.

BEARING FRUIT OR LIVING BARREN is a foundational discipleship book, teaching Christians HOW to do things as to the Lord, by accessing His boundless grace, through faith in His sufficient word.

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