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Exposes the child and the reader to a clear and accurate Gospel presentation

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PAPA, WHAT IS CHRISTMAS ALL ABOUT?, is a story about connecting Christmas to the salvation message of Jesus Christ. Kelly asks her grandfather, whom she calls Papa, to tell her about Christmas, and so he explains to her the saving Gospel of Christ found in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, and how Christmas is related. Using family photos from the author and verses from the Bible, PAPA, WHAT IS CHRISTMAS ALL ABOUT? is a charming book which can be used with pre-school and grade school children alike.


Our children's books encourage parents, teachers, and other caregivers to use an accurate Gospel message with children. It also encourages the memorization of Bible verses in order to teach children biblical truth when they are best able to do so. Children have an extraordinary ability to memorize the Bible. They have the additional advantage of not having been exposed to false religion and worldly philosophies and will, therefore, believe what they are taught.


The doctrine learned by children early in life can be used by the Holy Spirit to help them all of their lives. The authors' experience with the children in their own lives showed them that as soon as children could speak, they could learn scripture at the highest reading level, enabling them the enormous advantage of being able to easily read any Bible translation later in life. 


PAPA, WHAT IS CHRISTMAS ALL ABOUT? is a wonderful gift for outreach events, Sunday school, child care, new member packets and other events where children are present. It has the added advantage of providing a clear Gospel explanation to the person who reads it to the child!

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