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Sufficient Word helps to equip believers to share the faith with confidence, accuracy, and answers, without wrestling the "pc" culture. Their down-to-earth evangelism workshop is not a system, but a way of thinking about interacting with others that is natural and unforced. Helping Christians grow in the faith is what will ultimately grow the church. To that end, the spirituality seminar teaches Christians how to mature in the faith. Sufficient Word desires to come alongside to inspire, support, and offer practical training that can be put to use instantly. Training for the times!

Contact Preston to preach, teach, or design a seminar or workshop on evangelism, spirituality, or the topic of your choice:


Preston Condra is an inspiring preacher for your  Sunday morning, evening, or Wednesday service, or for your special event. He also speaks at revivals, association meetings, retreats and conferences. Preston's love for the churches, connection to his audience, and emphasis on scripture creates the balance which both encourages the body of Christ and calls its members to action.

Women's Events

Kelly is a popular college professor and an engaging public speaker. Using her high view of scripture to promote the grace of God and emphasize its practicality, her meaty messages edify and inspire Christian women.

Workshops and Seminars

Preston and Kelly will provide evangelism and discipleship workshops suited to the needs of your church or organization. Using practical methods, their hands-on approach facilitates immediate action. In multi-day evangelism events, participants report evangelizing after the first session! They find they are equipped to naturally incorporate evangelism into ordinary daily interactions.