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Evangelism Book Details

The Gospel of Christ, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, is the power of God unto salvation, and each element within it is relevant when witnessing. The Can I Ask You a Question? curriculum describes the Gospel in five easy-to-remember elements: who He is, what He did, why I need it, how to get it, and where to find it. Effective witnessing explains the Gospel fully, inviting the hearer to consider each of its points, as well as having answers to any objections raised. This comprehensive evangelism program includes a concise apologetics handbook for Christians, a book to give away, and a student and facilitator manual for evangelism training. Offering simple, natural ways to start conversations, it enables and inspires Christians to begin witnessing immediately.

Can I Ask You a Question? is an evangelism handbook that solves the 3 main barriers that Christians report regarding evangelism:

  • “I don’t know what to say.”

  • “I can’t answer objections to the Gospel.”

  • “I do not want to cause offense.”

Can I Ask You a Question? with its companion workbook provides:

  • clarity regarding what to say.

  • confidence to address objections with biblical answers by using the Index of Objections.

  • Caring ways to initiate natural, “no-pressure” evangelistic conversations.   $13.00

Answers addresses the same objections and to the Gospel and uses the same Bible verses to answer them as does Can I Ask You a Question?. The latter coaches the believer to address the objection, while Answers is written for the unbeliever, new believer, person with questions, or those whose beliefs are unknown. The tone of Answers is: "You might not agree, but would you consider what the Bible says?" It can be be given away as part of evangelism, and is also useful for establishing foundational Christian doctrine in new member classes, student groups, prison ministry, and more.   $13.00


Email the book name, number of copies, shipping address, a contact name and telephone number. You will receive an invoice.

Asking the Question is a flexible six-week study guide for taking action in evangelism. Using uncomplicated, ordinary ways to start conversations and practical exercises to prepare, Christians can immediately begin to share the good news of Jesus Christ. When used with the companion book, Can I Ask You a Question?, the common barriers to evangelism are solved, providing a clear and caring way to evangelize with confidence. Asking the Question can be adapted for seminar training or extended according to the needs of the group.   $7.00

Asking the Question - Facilitator Guide is the leader's edition of Asking the Question. It is a coaching guide that contains all the material from Asking the Question plus preparatory and in-chapter aids for teaching and managing the class or group. It includes topics such as expecting spiritual opposition, standing firm on the Gospel, time management, assessment of understanding, and dealing with disagreement within the group, and incorporating the handbook Can I Ask You a Question?   $8.00

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