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Sharing the Gospel with Confidence 

solves every evangelism problem!

Responding to the call to share the Gospel of Christ is an intimidating prospect in our "politically correct" society. In addition to concerns about causing offense, some Christians feel unprepared to answer questions and objections. Others feel overwhelmed by complicated strategies that focus more on getting a particular response than on determining whether the hearer understands or is even open to the Gospel. To all who feel similarly, we say, "Let's just start by saying something."


BY WHICH WE ARE SAVED is a clear, simple evangelism handbook to equip the body of Christ in a very practical way to share with complete confidence the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus for sins. A seed can be planted in 1 minute if that is all one has. Becoming comfortable with just broaching the topic is an important beginning; whether one mentions Jesus, the Bible, or any topic on which the Bible speaks, Christians must learn to talk about the faith. If a conversation begins, and an objection to the Gospel arises, there is no need to argue, panic, or give up.  Just open the book to that person's objection and show them God's answer in fully quoted verses. The hearer can decide for himself if he believes it.

BY WHICH WE ARE SAVED is an entire book on the Gospel of Christ, 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.  A detailed explanation of the Gospel teaches Christians to recognize and address unbelief, and equips them to explain it correctly. Extensive, fully-quoted verses of scripture allow the Bible to defend itself against objections. A section on communication facilitates biblical conversations, enabling Christians to incorporate evangelism into daily life in a natural, uncomplicated way.  Uniquely easy to use; no system to learn, just learn the saving Gospel of Christ: 1 Corinthians 15:1-4. 

Popular for small groups, Sunday school classes, sermon series and our evangelism workshop, BY WHICH WE ARE SAVED is a complete handbook for witnessing:

  • A thorough examination of the Gospel by which we are saved 

  • Communication suggestions to build confidence and avoid pitfalls

  • Concise, simple responses to objections which arise when sharing the Gospel 

  • Filled with fully quoted scripture, placing the emphasis on God’s answers

  • Can be implemented immediately

Comments by users:

"Doctrinally excellent; absolutely sound."

   "So simple it's profound."

      "The layout is genius, especially the index."

        "This has revolutionized my thinking about evangelism."

            "There is nothing like this out there."

                "Easy to chew meat, not opinions and filler."

                    "It's perfectly laid out for teaching."

                        "I'm using it on the bus!"  - 5th grade boy

                            "The workshop attendees started witnessing immediately."

                                "The excellent teaching on basic Christian doctrine is a bonus."

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